Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 5 With Always-On Retina Screen, Built-In Compass, And More

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Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 5 With Always-On Retina Screen, Built-In Compass, And More Apple released the next-generation Apple Watch Series 5 at today’s event, which added the long-awaited Always-on Retina, so you won’t have to raise your wrist to read the Apple Watch screen. Additionally, the new Apple Watch models also include a built-in compass as well as an international emergency calling feature.

According to Apple, In normal times, the screen will be dimmed intelligently and will light up when you lift your wrist or tap the screen. However, in Apple Watch Series 5, the company uses the LTPO display in Series 5 that supports dynamic refresh from 60Hz down to 1Hz. The Series 5 features an ultra-low-power display driver and a newly optimized watchface that helps it remain lit for 18 hours of battery life.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 5 has built-in compass app and international emergency calling feature, where the compass app can be combined with a range of outdoor and stargazing apps for azimuth observations, consumers can also use it to see the heading, incline, latitude, longitude, and current elevation. Meanwhile, the international emergency calling feature, obviously, allows you to place an SOS call internationally.

The Apple Watch Series 5 adds titanium and ceramic case to the original aluminum and stainless steel case, plus a new black Hermès model.

Lastly, the new software changes are mainly in the Research app, and Apple will launch three health studies in Research to help further continuing medical research in hearing, reproductive health, and general health by leveraging the capabilities of Apple Watch.