Apple Arcade Launches For Some Users Ahead Of Its Septmber 19th Debut

Apple Arcade Launches For Some Users Ahead Of Its Septmber 19th Debut Apple Arcade has launched for some users across the globe today, ahead of its September 19th release date. Users who have installed iOS 13 beta and iOS 13.1 beta will be able to sign up for the gaming subscription service.

To sign up for Apple Arcade, head to the App Store app, and then tap on the “Arcade” tab, click on the “try it free” button. You should be able to browse a variety range of games, to be more specifically, a total of 54 games appears to available at launch. Choose a game that you would like to play, and then click on “Get” to download the game on your iOS devices.

Apple Arcade is designed to deliver an intuitive gameplay experience with games that were initially designed and developed by its developers. Every player will be given titles that come with everything, which is the full version of the game. They just need to download the game and play it instead of paying for a game that has a complete version of it.

All games will not include any ads, in-app purchases and it’s available for offline playing. In relation to the games in the App Store, they transmit a huge catalog of games. iOS users can also use Family Sharing to offer their families unlimited access to the amazing games that Apple Arcade delivers. Every game in the subscription service meets Apple’s privacy requirements to ensure that everything you play is secure for your iOS devices.

Apple Arcade is set to launch to everyone this Thursday, and it’s only limited to devices that are running on iOS 13.

Apple has also released a Newroom update that focused on behind the scene of the Apple Arcade games. You can read these stories by visiting this link.

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