Apple Opposes Logo Trademarked by Norwegian Political Party Apple Opposes Brand Trademarked by Norwegian Political Celebration

Apple has objected to an apple brand trademark that Norway’s Fremskrittspartiet or Progress Celebration filed for again in November, in line with the Norwegian Patent Workplace.

The picture in query includes a pink apple with a stem and a inexperienced leaf that additionally has a white “F” on the entrance, an icon utilized by the Fremskrittspartiet.

In an objection letter offered to Norway’s Patent Workplace, Apple says that the trademark that the Fremskrittspartiet has registered “resembles” the “very well-known” trademarked Apple brand and is prone to be confused with Apple’s prior emblems.

The Fremskrittspartiet has utilized to make use of the trademark for laptop software program, digital media, stationary and different paper merchandise, home goods, textiles like flags, clothes and headgear, buttons, and video games and toys.

It isn’t but clear how this may play out, however Apple plans to supply further documentation to assist its case sooner or later. Apple is asking the Norwegian Patent Workplace to repeal the Fremskrittspartiet’s trademark registration.

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