Apple Reportedly Developing A Foldable iPad That Will Support 5G

Apple Reportedly Developing A Foldable iPad That Will Support 5G Apple is allegedly developing a new foldable iPad, with the screen size is nearly the same as the current Macbook models, bringing tablet devices a new revolution. The Shin Zu Shing Co., Ltd., which has been working for many years with Apple, will play the main role in creating this foldable iPad.

Researcher IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin disclosed that Apple is currently quietly building a foldable iPad, which will support 5G, and comes with A-series processors. It will also be used to combat the rumored upcoming dual-screen Surface by Microsoft, which is anticipated to be launched next year.
Jeff Lin noted that not only is the foldable iPad extremely mobile, it also has a larger display and more business-friendly characteristics. Supporting the 5G wireless connection is the most significant thing, so there is a possibility to substitute the laptop somehow. He also suggests, however, that Apple is currently having to solve the 5 G iPhone issue before it can launch the foldable iPad.

On the other hand, from the analysis of the foldable iPad structure, not only the display and the casing materials will be doubled compared with the current iPad, but one more baring for foldable, therefore, the demand for components is sure to increase.

Personally, I think that foldable iPad is still ways off from become a reality, as the current outlook for foldable is not looking good, more or less, so we may see such device until 2021, if not in 2022. Although, a 5G iPad, could come as early as next year, as Apple already in peaceful relationship with Qualcomm, who suppiles 5G moderns.
Image Via 9to5Mac

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