Apple Store Windows Blacked Out In Lieu of Apple Special Event

Apple Store Windows Blacked Out In Lieu of Apple Special Event

In lieu of the Apple Special Event this morning, all of the Apple Stores covered up their windows with black drapes on it. They are changing the window displays to the upcoming iPhone 11, which unveils tomorrow. In addition, they are also fixing up the fixtures installed on the floors.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg said on Twitter that Apple is adding back the 3D front window displays in the storefronts. He also added that the company has done this before, with the MacBook Pro, iPhone 3G to the iPhone 5 and the iPads in 2008-2012. These displays include life-size replicas of Apple products, signs and app icons made out of thick cardstock. They also displayed the window displays with Apple products in it.

An Apple Store employee has recently reached out to Macrumors and said that the employees have already been practising with covering up the windows and removing old floor mechanisms for the renovation. This includes the wires and power supply used to power up the devices in the window displays.

Therefore, the window displays will be revealed on launch day with the new iPhone 11s on them. These displays will be a comeback for many of the newest Apple Stores since they were popular a long time ago. We can’t wait for the next iPhones to come out later this month with many great features.

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