“Avengers: Endgame”: what does the end of the penultimate movie of Phase 3 of the MCU mean?

“Avengers: Endgame”: what does the end of the penultimate movie of Phase 3 of the MCU mean?

What does the end of Avengers 4 Endgame of the MCU mean? | After more than 10 years of film production, the ‘Saga del Infinito’ of Marvel Studios premiered ” Avengers: Endgame ” as the end of the game for some of the most powerful heroes in the world

What does the end of Avengers 4 Endgame by Marvel Studios mean? | ” Avengers: Endgame ” came to cinemas around the world with the grand finale of the ‘Saga del Infinito’. Marvel Studios worked for more than 10 years to take this story to an outcome that will change forever its cinematic universe ( MCU for its acronym in English)

However, even its most loyal fans have been slow to understand what the end of ” Avengers: Endgame ” means, a film that marked the end of certain iconic characters, whose return now seems unlikely in the future of the company.

Therefore, below we review the true meaning of the end of ” Avengers: Endgame “. Attention! Later on you will find spoilers of the film, about their plot and participation of the heroes and villains alike.

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What does the end of “Avengers: Endgame” mean?
In ” Avengers: Endgame ” something happens that many fans had expected and about what they had been theorized since the premiere of ” Infinity War “: the time travel of the ‘Avengers’ as a last option to return everything to normal, then that Thanos destroys the Gems of Infinity of his reality.

Thanks to the technology of Tony Stark , the Avengers manufactured an Infinity Gauntlet that contained the gems recovered from the past, which the Hulk used to bring back to life all the deceased of ” Inifnity War “, although at the cost of practically losing an arm in the process.

Unfortunately, the Thanos of the past discovered the plan of the ‘Avengers’ and followed them to the present with the help of the Nebula of their time, and after a final battle against the army of the ‘crazy Titan’, Iron Man sacrificed himself by using again the Gems of the Infinite to disappear their enemies.

Now, what does this mean for the MCU ? How are Marvel Studios and the ‘Avengers’ now that both Iron Man and Black Widow sacrificed for a greater good?

What does the sacrifice of Tony Stark mean?
Without a doubt, one of the most impressive moments of the film takes place when Iron Man uses his suit to improvise an Infinity Gauntlet and use the gems to defeat Thanos’s army. In the end, Tony dies, although he leaves a message for his family before the tragedy.

For many, this last message has given Pepper Potts and her daughter Morgan the inspiration to continue their legacy. In the comics of Marvel , Tony Stark ‘revives’ by transmitting his consciousness in the form of artificial intelligence, but this does not seem to be the case of his film version.

It seems that this film would be the last goodbye of Iron Man, the character who started it all in the distant 2008 with his first film. It is unlikely that Robert Downey Jr. will again wear the mantle of this superhero later, unless it is for a series located in the past before the events of ” Avengers: Endgame “.

What does the sacrifice of Black Widow mean?
Iron Man was not the only one who sacrificed himself for the greater good. Natasha traveled with Hawkeye to the planet Vormir, where they discovered that one of them must die to obtain the Soul Gem. After a small fight that seemed to lean towards Clint as the sacrifice, Natasha took away the opportunity to give her life and fell into the void, losing her life instantly.

Since a film by Black Widow is in production, Natasha’s sacrifice would mean that the film recounted events before ” Avengers: Endgame “. The most popular theories indicate that it would even go back to what happened in Budapest, a place mentioned repeatedly by the ‘Black Widow’ and Barton.

The truth is that Natasha would not reappear in future MCU projects or her participation would limit flashbacks. After all, the film confirms that the sacrificed ones to obtain the Soul Gem can not be revived, not even by the Gems of the Infinite.

What does the end of Captain America mean?

At the end of “Avengers: Endgame” , Captain America offers to take the Gems of Infinity to their specific moment in the past from where they were taken. While he could have returned after this, he made the final decision to stay with his beloved Peggy Carter to live the life he never had.

With this, the captain also closes his cycle as a superhero by achieving what he always wanted: to have a dance with Peggy . While it is true that nothing is known about what he actually did in the past, his wedding ring showed that he is ready to retire completely from his work as a superhero.

In fact, in the end Steve tells Falcon to use Captain America’s shield, thus officially passing the mantle to the new generation of ‘Avengers’. It is possible that, considering that in this reality Peggy Carter died, Steve will continue to advise his group in the future, but it is very unlikely that he will return to the big screen or jump into action in the future of the MCU .


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