Build Of iOS 13 Suggests Apple Is Developing An AR Device Called Garta

Build Of iOS 13 Suggests Apple Is Developing An AR Device Called Garta There have been rumors suggesting that Apple is developing augmented reality (AR) headsets or smart glasses, but not long ago, news from DigiTimes said the project had been put on hold. Nonetheless, documentation seen by MacRumors in the iOS 13 beta shows that the development of AR headsets has continued…

The beta build includes the STARTester app, which allows users to enter and exit the head-mounted mode, so it basically replicates the functionality of an augmented reality headset on your iPhone. The headset in the test has two states, “worn” and “held”.
A StarBoard system designed for AR applications has also been described in the README file of iOS 13. At the same time, the document also mentioned that the augmented reality device code that Apple is developing Garta, an augmented reality device. Continue to dig deep into the system files and MacRumors found various strings, including ARStarBoardViewController and ARStarBoardSceneManager.

There have been many sources confirming Apple’s rumors of developing AR headsets, including the often reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, CNET, and Bloomberg. The Apple AR headset will use the rOS operating system, and the system reportedly to be based on iOS.

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