Czech Diacritic Keyboard apk

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    Czech Diacritic Keyboard apk

    with caron and acute keys

    Version: 1.0
    Added: 02-05-2019
    Updated: 19-06-2019

    This is modified AOSP keyboard, that features iPhone-like writing of
    diacritics. Caron an acute keys are added to the right of the keyboard
    for faster typing. The diacritic keys best fit Czech language, but are
    suitable for any language that uses them. Unfortunately auto-correction
    is broken and I am unable to fix (I tried. A lot).
    As a bonus I also added swipe control, that allows you to precisely navigate throughout the text.
    Main features:

    • Caron and acute keys for faster typing
    • Suitable for any language, that uses diacritics (Czech, Slovak, …)
    • Precise navigation in text by swiping across the keyboard
    • Material design



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