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    I coded with Python (Using Sockets/Networking and Pygame)

    I coded with Python (Using Sockets/Networking and Pygame)

    A duplication of the game written in python

    A duplication of the game written in python

    Running on Local Network
    Before you will be able to run this game you must make one minor change the to the file The host property from inside the init() method must be the local ip address of the machine that is running the server. To find this IP all you need to do is run and read the output to see what IP it is on. Simply use that as the host property for the file.

    Playing the Game
    To run the game you must have an instance of running. You can then connect as many clients as you’d like by running

    Game Mechanics

    1. Each game lasts 5 minutes
    2. The larger you are the slower you move
    3. Each player will lose mass at a rate proportional to their size (larger = faster loss)
    4. The game will be in “lobby” mode until started, this means all each player can do is move.
    5. The game will begin once a client connects on the same machine the server is running on

    Possible Erros
    If you are having connections issues try diabsling the firewall on the server and client machines.

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