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Guitar Flash Mod APK is a game which is designed by the developers of the company Elex. The main attraction of the game is that it has a number of guitars, each with a different sound and style.

This game is very popular among all age groups and especially among teenagers. The main purpose of this game is to play guitar music, but this game also provides other features such as playing music or singing songs with friends through multiplayer mode. You can also get latest version of Monster Storm Apoiion Mod APK for free.

It also provides many different types of guitars like electric, acoustic and others so that everyone can choose their own favorite style. Nowadays there are many games available on Google Play Store so that you can easily play it on your mobile phone or tablet device without any difficulty.

Guitar Flash Mod Apk is a free guitar game that you can play with your Android device. The game has its own unique features that make it different from other games of this genre. It has also been given a rating of 4.5 stars in the Google Play Store, which shows that people like it very much.

In this game, you will not just play guitar but also learn how to play it. You can also record your own music and share it with other players around the world. The graphics are good and the sound effects are also good enough for you to enjoy the game.

About of Guitar Flash Mod APK

Guitar Flash Mod Apk is a fun guitar application, which allows you to play the guitar without any knowledge of music, just touch the strings and become a rock star.

This app has been downloaded by more than 1 million people from all over the world, therefore it is one of the most popular musical games on Google Play Store.

It’s easy to play this game, all you need to do is press the strings on your guitar, but make sure you don’t hit them too hard or too soft. If you hit them too hard then your note will be out of tune, if you hit them too soft then your note won’t sound at all.

This game has many levels so it will take some time before you get bored with it. The first few levels are easy but they get harder as you progress through them. You can also unlock new guitars and other cool stuff by earning points in each level.

Features of Guitar Flash Mod APK

Unlimited Money

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Unlimited Diamonds

With this mod apk, you will get unlimited diamonds so that buying any guitar or upgrading any guitar won’t be a problem for you anymore because with these unlimited diamonds, everything is possible for us now!

Unlock All levels

You can unlock all the levels in Guitar Flash Mod Apk. To do this, you have to pay some money to get the premium version of this game. There are many other features available in the premium version of this game which is not available in the free version.

Guitar Flash Mod APK Download

Realistic Sounds

It is designed to be played on Android phones, tablets, and even some mobile phones. The game is a simulation game where you play a guitar using your fingers like real guitar. You can play different songs, the sound will come out from your phone speakers just like live performance. You can also record your voice and play along with it, or you can loop it and record yourself playing over it again and again until you get the perfect sound. This application is free to download and use, but there are some in-app purchases that you need to purchase in order for you to enjoy all its features.

Simple Controls

Easy to Use Controls of guitar flash mod apk make playing the song very easy for everyone who plays this game. All you need is just tap on the screen at the right time so that you can strum your guitar properly.

Realistic Graphics

Realistic Graphics offer an amazing experience while playing this game, especially when you are playing with your friends online in multiplayer mode. The graphics are so realistic that they will make you feel like you are actually playing a real guitar.

Easy Mode

This is the easiest mode in the game where you don’t have to do much and just press play button on your screen to start the song.

Normal Mode

In this mode, there are different types of notes coming down from top towards bottom of screen while playing your guitar so that you can hit those notes at right time with right button. If you miss any note then your score will be reduced by 1 point but if you hit all notes correctly then your score will increase by 1 point per each correct hit on note.

Hard Mode

In this mode, there are different types of notes coming down from top towards bottom of screen while playing your guitar so that you can hit those notes at right time with right button.

Guitar Flash Mod APK Latest Version

FAQs of Guitar Flash Mod APK

What is the minimum requirement of guitar flash mod apk?

The minimum requirement for this game is android 4.4++ and for PC you can use it on any PC you have.

Can I download guitar flash mod apk on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can download guitar flash mod apk on your mobile phone. You just need to click on the download button below and get it from Google Play Store on your device.

Can I play guitar flash mod apk offline?

Yes, you can play the game offline as well. But, it’s better if you play it online for more fun and enjoyment.


Gitar Flash Mod Apk is a music application that provides users with a large number of music files in their phones. The program allows you to listen to the songs of your choice. This application offers you many features such as fast streaming, downloading, sharing and recording your favorite songs. It also allows you to play games or watch videos while listening to music.

Guitar Flash Mod Apk comes with an easy-to-use interface and user-friendly navigation system. This program allows you to view the most popular songs on YouTube while listening to your favorite music at any time. The application also has the ability to record sounds from your microphone or other sources in real time. In addition, you can share these sounds with friends via social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

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