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Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor is a free video editor app that allows you to create and edit videos. The app has a huge range of features including the ability to add titles, captions, transitions, and more. Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor also includes advanced editing options such as trimming, adding themes, and changing the opacity of text.

The app has a simple interface that allows users to easily navigate through their videos. The application also comes with an audio mixer that lets users control the volume of their audio tracks.

The app also comes with several filters which can be applied to any video clip before it’s saved to your device or uploaded online like Google Drive. These filters include light leaks, color effects, and other creative tools for making your videos look better than ever before.

Kinemaster Black APK Free

Features of Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor

HD-Quality Videos

Kinemaster HD Video Editor is an amazing video editor which allows you to create videos in HD quality. This app has been developed by experts and they have used their experience to make this application. The app has a lot of features that can help you to create high-quality videos with very low file sizes. You can also use this app to convert your images into videos.

Easy Editing

Just like the Kinemaster Indonesia, this app has been designed to help you edit videos quickly and easily, without having to worry about losing any important footage. You will be able to find all the tools you need right away, so you don’t have to waste time searching through menus or settings screens.

Create Your Own Stories

If you want your videos to be more engaging and interesting, then you should consider using Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor for Android. This app is capable of creating some wonderful movies for you and your family members.


Just like kinemaster mod apk, rotate your videos and photos in any direction you want. You can also trim the edges of your videos or photos before rotating them. The rotation aspect of this app is very powerful as it lets you make very interesting videos out of ordinary ones.

Trim Videos

This app has a trimming tool that lets you cut out unwanted parts from your videos and photos. It is extremely useful for making short films when you don’t have much time to spend editing them.

Crop Videos

You can crop your videos and photos using this app’s crop feature. This will help you make them look better by removing unnecessary parts from them.

Add Titles and Descriptions

Add titles and descriptions with a single tap. Just enter the text you want, select the position of the text, and then select whether you want to place the text above or below the video.

Add Text to Videos

You can easily add text to videos using Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor. Just select the desired position for text and then add your text in seconds!

More Features

  • Add Reflection and Shadows to your video
  • Create 3D effects for your videos
  • Create HD videos with the photos from your gallery
  • Share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more
  • Save your video as HD MP4, WebM or OGG
  • Add text to your videos with the built-in text editor

FAQs of Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor

Is it safe to use Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor on your android phone!

Does this app work on PC?

No, this app is not compatible with PC.

How can I remove the ads in Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor?

You can simply disable the ads by going to Settings > Privacy > Disable Ads button and then clicking the “Disable” button or you can buy the PRO version of the app for $1 (USD) to disable all ads and unlock all features.


Kinemaster Black APK Video Editor includes many features such as recording and playing videos, trimming videos, adding effects and transitions to your videos, saving them in various formats, etc. It also has a lot of options for customizing your video editing experience with tools like crop, frame by frame, or slow motion effects.

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