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New FCC Approval Suggest A 13-Inch MacBook Pro Is On Yhe Way

New FCC Approval Suggest A 13-Inch MacBook Pro Is On Yhe Way It appears that Apple has recently got an FCC approval for an unreleased MacBook Pro models, A2159, a model number that also appeared on the Eurasian Economic Commission docs. Apple has refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup in May with speed bump and improved Keyboard design.

It’s not evident what exactly this new model is, but based on predictions made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he has suggested that the company would launch a revised version of 13-inch MacBook Pro that’s equipped with 32GB of RAM. Also, the fact that the 13-inch model didn’t get a refresh in May has made Kuo’s report seems reasonable, and noted that this machine hasn’t been updated since 2017.

Nonetheless, Kuo suggest that Apple is in the work for a 16-inch MacBook Pro that includes a new design and larger and slimmer display, although such as that is unlikely to be launched anytime soon, as the power required for the machine should be higher than the one specified in the FCC document, which is rated at 20.3V – 3A Max.

As of now, FCC has pulled all info on the A2159 machine, because Apple hasn’t released it yet, it will show up once again it’s released. We should expect Apple to announce the 13-inch MacBook Pro model real soon.

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