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PUBG MOBILE Free Parachute, Shark Mask, Pan Skin, Premium Creates

PUBG MOBILE Free Parachute, Shark Mask, Pan Skin, Premium Creates

PUBG Tricks, PUBG Free UC Trick, Free UC PUBG, PUBG Free Premium Crates Trick, PUBG VPN Offers, PUBG Free Parachute Skin, PUBG Free Skins, PUBG VPN Tricks – Hello Coolz Readers! Here i am back again with latest and working method of PUBG Mobile Game. Here you will get Many Skins for Free as PUBG is Celebrating 600,000 Pre-Registered Users. This is an Official PUBG Taiwan VPN Trick where you will get Many Premium Things mentioned Below.

What You Will Get Under This PUBG 600,000 Pre-Registred Users Offer? :

  • Premium Parachute Skin
  • Premium Pan Skin
  • Premium Shark Mask
  • 1 Premium Create
  • 2 Exp Cards
  • 2 BP Cards
  • 1 Advance Room Card
  • 20 Silver Fragments

Get Free Parachute, Shark Mask, Pan Skin, Premium Creates From PUBG :

2. Install Any VPN Above and Open It.

3. Register if it asks for Registration and Now Connect that VPN with “Taiwan” Server.

4. Now Open PUBG Mobile Game in your Phone and Check your Mail Box in Bottom.

5. You will get 2 Mails in that as PUBG is Celebrating 600,000 Pre-Register Reward in Taiwan City.

6. You will get 4 Items in Each Mail. Just Open 1st Mail and Collect your Rewards.

7. Collect All 4 Items and Now Open another Mail and Collect all 4 Items from them too.

8. Voila!! You’re all Done! Now Just Exit the PUBG Game, and Disconnect VPN and Start Playing PUBG! Do Share this if your Like This!!

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